Medina County Groundwater Conservation District (GCD)
Phone Office: (830) 741-3162 Fax:    (830) 741-3540
Mail/Location Medina County GCD 1607 Avenue K Hondo, TX 78861
Exepmt Use Domestic/livestock Consumption Requires one time well registration
Non-exempt Use Irrigation/Municipal/Industrial Requires well construction application Requires an operating permit to pump
Aquifers and strata in Medina County GCD
This page provides a number of forms, documents, and publications which may be of interest.
GMA Forms
Forms For The Two Types of Groundwater Use
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Annual Use Report 2019 Contract for Static Water Level (SWL) Sensor Placement of a Static Water Level Sensor is required for all Non-exempt wells completed in the Trinity, Carrizo-Wilcox, or other non-Edwards or Non Leona Gravel aquifers that do not have a MCGCD Board approved waiver. The contract with MCGCD is voluntary. The owner may place their own MCGCD Rules compliant sensor at their own expense or the owner may enter into a contract for MCGCD to provide a sensor at MCGCD expense. MCGCD will record the contract with the Medina County Clerk’s office.  See contract for detalis.
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